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Why we started a freelancer website!

Many have arrived to ask us the question of why we started a freelancing platform that can compete with the likes of Amazon Mturk, MicroWorkers and Fiverr. Our response is simple… We believe we can do better and in that process become the leader that the cloud labor market needs in the increasingly diverse inter-connected world we live in!


Global economic hardship

We at InfiniteWorkers understand that some nations are undergoing economic hardship and that is why we see our platform as the ultimate solution to alleviate these issues.

Why we started InfiniteWorkers

Sometimes people come up to me and ask me why I started InfiniteWorkers?


I started the site as a way to get people to employ others to complete tasks and earn an income along with providing data along with services for their business.

For us we are incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to give these resources to others! We are glad to help. Always.


Today something amazing occurred. The UK has voted to leave the European Union.

For us over 60% of our users are from the United Kingdom and for us we see nothing will change in the short term. We will continue our investments in the UK and the EU.


Many Thanks,